These Babies Face Timing is Absolutely Adorable!


Face time can be awkward at the best of times; trying to find your best angle on screen, making sure the other person can hear you and making sure no one is eavesdropping on your call all while concentrating on the conversation at hand can be confusing!  That being said it is always nice to see a loved one in person even if it is on a screen, and as it turns out it doesn’t matter how young you are the thrill of seeing your friend can really brighten up your day.

That’s exactly what happened when these two babies came face to face over the phone. Their mothers set up a face time and as soon as it starts and the mother holds up the phone to her child you can see the excitement beam from the little girls face! She’s so excited to see the child on the other side of the screen and begins chattering away loudly. Once she’s stopped you can hear the child at the other end of the phone reply equally as excited.

The exchange continues with one child talking then the other, including some moments of sheer joy and laughter as they communicate through the phone.  The high pitched gurgling and shrieking as they talk is just adorable and goes to show that it doesn’t matter how young you are a chat with your friend is always the best way to make your day better!


The children’s parents are also uncontrollable with laughter as the exchange goes on, finding it hilarious the way that the two children are communicating. One of the mother’s even asks if they’re done yet, before being interrupted by the children continuing to with their conversation.


As the call comes to an end you can tell that the children aren’t quite ready to say bye, but  sadly all good catch ups have to come to an end eventually.

It does make you wonder though – even though we have no idea what they’re saying, do you think they understand each other?!

I like to think that they do, and whatever they were chatting about was clearly hilarious!  I just wish I knew what they were chatting about so I could join in on the hilarity!

Something tells me that these two might just grow up to be a couple of chatterboxes, and if I was the parents I’d be hiding my phone before the phone bills start adding up!


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