What This Teacher Does So That Every Student Embraces Their Uniqueness is Incredible!


Barry White Jr. Is a teacher at Ashley Park PreK8 School in Charlotte North Carolina, and he teaches fifth grade students.

He has a unique handshake for every single one of his 40 students, and each morning when the students arrive at class he performs each individual handshake with every pupil before they enter his classroom and start their studies.

Barry White Jr. Told reporters that it’s a great way to bond with the students and get them excited for the day ahead, it also builds trust with the class and encourages them to learn with him.


He had the idea to start the unique handshakes after watching basketball player Lebron James greeting his fellow team players in a similar way. He tested it with one student and it went from there.


In the video you can see the teacher and his pupils starting the day with these amazing handshakes! Some of them are really impressive and the fact that there are 40 unique greetings is incredible. What I want to know is how he remembers the moves to each one?!

Since the video has been shared online Barry White Jr. has received loads of positive feedback, with other teachers reaching out to say that they are now considering implementing something similar.

If something so simple can inspire students to believe in themselves, their uniqueness and encourage them to learn then it’s definitely worth taking the time at the start of each day to do it!

Well done Mr White for investing in your students… and remembering all those moves!


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