Would You Be Brave Enough to Hang Out of This Tilting Building?


Heights; a phobia of many, but for some being up high and doing something crazy is just what they’re looking for!

All across the world there are tall buildings offering those with a head for heights the opportunity to head up to the top of a building and take in the spectacular views. From Taipei 101, to TV Tower in Berlin and of course the iconic Empire state Building to name but a few the opportunities to seek out the perfect view are available in abundance.

But what if I told you that not only could you see the sights from the top, but you could lean out 45 degrees and hang over the hustle and bustle below? Would you be interested?


Well that’s exactly what you can do at the John Hancock building in Chicago. It’s the 7th tallest building in the US at 1030 feet above street level has an attraction on the 94th floor called Tilt, which allows you to Tilt 45 degrees over the edge of the building to see surrounding view and the streets below.

The attraction is the first of its kind in the world and holds 8 people at a time. Each participant stands in a spot by the window between 2 steel poles. Once in position you hold onto the poles and lean into the glass of the building, then the hydraulic pumps tilt the window out 45 degrees giving you and amazing, not often seen view of the city. You are literally hanging over the street below watching the cars scurry beneath you like ants!


It’s said on a good day that you can see up to 50 miles away and see the 4 surrounding states.

During the video you can see tilt in action with 8 brave individuals getting set up on the tilting platform ready to take a look over the edge. The platform begins to tilt forward to 45 degrees so the participants are hanging over the edge of the building and you can almost feel their nervousness as it begins to move.

It’s clearly all too much for one child who runs away as soon as the window starts moving! The rest of the participants stay in their spots and get a good look of the city below.

The views below look incredible, but I’m just not sure I’d be brave enough to do that – I’m getting vertigo just watching them!


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