Harry Potter Fans Are Raving About These Insights Into The World Of The Boy Who Lived


Vox have just given us an understanding of what Harry Potter is to the whole world and we are loving it. Puns, grammar, British life, accents and the Wizarding World explained in 5 minutes!

This is a really great description of how JK Rowling’s  famous first Harry Potter book got translated across the globe; a nightmare for the translators a triumph for the publishers.

They have taken on how the world understands Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stones translation across the globe. Kudos to the narrator who does a stellar job at translation herself.


There’s lots of comments on the video about why the different translations look the way they do but really…

If your child or yourself read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when it came out in the 1990s you would just have read it and you wouldn’t even have known that it was going to become a global phenomenon.

No matter what country you lived in, you probably would not have known that it would be translated for readers in other countries with words changed to accommodate the needs of that country.


Why? Because you like every Harry Potter fan around the world, received the same outcome from reading the books…. pure magic

But…this video is a great lesson to teach people using a made up world about the variances of cultural linguistics and phrases across the world. Just look at the comments underneath the video and you see that the discussions about regional dialects, word formation and correct geography is alive.

This is because of the internet, which in itself is able to bring worlds together just like Harry Potter – The boy who lived

Great lesson Vox


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