This Short Film May Just Have The Answer Of How To Bring Harmony To The World Together, Thought Provoking!


On a daily basis we often subconsciously categorise each other depending on our salary, sexuality, gender etc and draw conclusions and stereotypes as a result.

In this moving sequence of events we see people enter a room and they are categorised depending on some all too familiar stereotypes.

The leader in the room then begins to ask a series of questions and asks the people in the room to be very honest.


If the question/statement is something that the participants relate to they are asked to walk to the front with others.


He asks for people to come forward if they love to dance, if they’ve had sex in the past week, or if they ever feel lonely.

For each question you can see people from every stereotype group come forward and by those people coming together from different starting points you begin to see, acceptance, humour and interaction that shows underneath it all we have a lot in common.

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