Hillary Clinton, children and anger management

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton made a remark this week which reminded me of a wonderful video about children describing feelings. The Film is called Just Breathe

Feelings are indications that we are conscious inhabitants of our physical bodies. Most adults struggle with the concept of understanding their own feelings let alone other peoples feelings.

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton recently said to Humans of New York ….“… I had to learn as a young woman to control my emotions”. She is talking about why she may possibly come across as being aloof.


This remarkable short film is what happens when the film makers ask children to help them understand what feelings are.

Children may flourish if they don’t have some of the inhibitors that adults have that restrict children being in touch with their feelings.

Adults through life experience mostly block the connection with their own feelings in an attempt to fit in with modern life and protect themselves.

The children at this school are being taught from elementary age about mindfulness and how it can help them control their emotions by being in touch with their feelings.

They are not being taught to be aloof or cut off their feelings.

These children talk about the connection with feeling angry and the reaction in their body. They talk about how anger effects their mind, one girl names the parts of the brain getting angry changes.

Another child uses a metaphor of shaking glitter in a jar, this is how she describes what happens to her brain when she the feeling of being angry happens.

Hillary Clinton may well have practiced the things that these children did to get back to a state of peace in the example she gives on Facebook. We don’t know as she doesn’t expand on that.


These children are not practicing rejecting emotions – they are practicing being in touch with their feelings and building effective internal ways of having good relationships with others.

That these children of the Citizens of the World School, use deep breathing and relaxations techniques is great; that they can explain the techniques so clearly to you that you start relaxing is outstanding.

The filmmakers are interviewing and recording through film their own 5 year old son, his school mates and their families. It is an unscripted film that is beautiful and creative to watch, you realise that you are also being taught self awareness and relaxation and you feel thankful for that. A wonderful little film.


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