Impress everyone by making your own Easter Eggs


Easter is only one week away, but if you haven’t found the perfect gift for your loved one yet then fear not! There’s still time to make your own Easter eggs and give them out to family and friends, which is much more impressive that buying one from the shop, and who doesn’t like a gift that’s been hand made especially for them?!

It might sound daunting making your own Easter eggs, but it’s actually fairly easy! All you need is some chocolate, an Easter egg mould and a sprinkling of imagination and you can come up with your very own delicious creations.

Not sure where to start? Then why not use these suggestions as some inspiration.


Spotty Chocolate Egg:

Fill your egg mould with milk chocolate and make sure it’s evenly covered. Turn the mould upside down to tip out the excess chocolate and tidy up the sides so that they’re level. Sprinkle the inside of the egg with spotty coloured candy and once you’ve done this leave the mould upside down to dry for even coverage.

Using a circle template sheet and white chocolate pipe out spots of candy, then add food colouring so that you can create a variety of different coloured spots to create dots.

When the egg is dry release is from the mould and using a hot tray heat up one side to allow you to evenly stick both halves of the egg together.

Stand the egg up and using modelling chocolate stick your coloured dots all over your egg – then you’re done!


Orange Egg:

As above fill your egg mould, but this time with white chocolate. Once filled and smooth add orange candy and popping sugar candy to the inside of your egg. Once the candy is added fill with another layer of chocolate before tipping out and smoothing off again.

Once your egg has dried again use the tray trick to stick both sides of your egg together and then decorate with white chocolate dyed orange. Use your creativity and make the egg look as tempting as you can!

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