Thanks To This Invention You’ll Never Have To Fold Clothes Again!


One thing that’s always certain in life is that the washing basket is always full! It doesn’t seem to matter how often you do the washing, there’s always more appearing. All that time spent filling the machine, hanging it out to dry and then the folding… don’t even get me started on the folding!

It doesn’t matter how many t-shirts I fold I never seem to able to get them nice and neat! Well, now there’s an invention that means I don’t have to! This invention will fold all your clothes and give them to you in a neat pile at the end. Almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it, but some inventors think that they have genuinely solved the problem of poorly folded clothes and save you time too!

The Foldimate has been created to allow users to simply hang up their clothes, press a couple of buttons and watch them be folded to perfection. It takes the machine an average of 3 seconds to fold an item of clothing, which the Foldimate’s creators claim is at least 2x faster than manually folding clothes yourself!


The invention still isn’t quite ready to ship though. The team are now accepting pre-orders with a view to finalizing the manufacturing plan and getting the orders ready to ship in 2018, so you still have at least a year to wait until you no longer need to fold your own clothes.

It almost seems so simple I’m surprised no one has done it already! One thing’s for sure it would definitely make the rest of the family want to join in with folding the laundry!

As you can see all you need to do is hang each item up on the rails and the machine pulls it in, your clothes are then folded neatly, and depending on the settings you have chosen you can also get the machine to steam your clothes to remove the wrinkles, perfume and soften your clothes to leave them smelling fresh along with a variety of other treatment options. Once the machine has finished with all your folding requests your clothes come out of the machine in a neatly folded pile.

The target price point for the Foldimate is expected to be around $700-$850, so I guess the question is – how much are you willing to pay for perfectly folded laundry?!


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