A newborn baby elephant gets support and love from the whole family


The first few minutes of the life of a baby elephant was captured on video and shows how when animals work together they mean business when it comes to raising the baby. What makes this video more remarkable is that elephant births are hardly ever seen by humans.

This adorable little baby elephant girl was just born when you can see that the family got a little bit concerned that she was not moving.

The fortunate tourists who came across this major event in Chobi National Park Botswana, started filming the elephant herd taking care of her and trying to revive her.


At one point just watching this makes you anxious that the elephants are going to step on the poor little mite who still has the birth sac on.

But they are clearly aware of her lying on the ground and at one stage an elephant lifts her up with their trunk with what looks like an attempt to revive her.

A few minutes later her mother and all of the concerned elephants start using their hooves and trunks to take off the sac and to get her to stand up; it’s so gentle and incredible to watch these large mammals carefully manipulate her with their feet.

The cute baby manages to get to her feet then falls down again but the older ones don’t give up. The elephants continue to encourage her to stand and the humans also quietly encourage on the film, you hear one French speaking cheering when she almost stands up.


When she finally stands up and attempts to balance and stays upright you realize you have been totally enthralled for over 9 minutes watching this touching natural miracle.




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