These Pancake Creations Are Incredible!


Pancakes are great! Whether sweet or savoury their versatility and yummy taste makes them a brilliant snack no matter what time of day it is! They’re also super simple to make with just a few basic ingredients of flour, milk eggs and sugar all mixed into a batter.

In the UK it’s nearly Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday as it’s also known. On this day it is customary to make, eat and enjoy pancakes, and in schools and homes around the country everyone gets into the spirit of it!

This year Pancake Day is on February 28th, and instead of just making your usual standard pancakes, why not take your pancake making skills up a level and try out some pancake art?!


Pancake art is growing in popularity and very arty bakers everywhere are making some absolutely stunning creations. It involves using different coloured pancake batter to draw out your design on a griddle, and when flipped it becomes a delicious piece of art!

If you want to try it yourself all you need to do is mix together your usual pancake batter before separating it into smaller batches based on the number of colours you need to make your design.

Add a little bit of gel food colouring to each batch to get your desired colour and then pour the mix into bottles so you can start creating your own art!

The number of colours and what you create is completely up to you. Designs can start out very simply with just 2 shades of pancake batter, but as the skill level progresses you might want more colours or even different shades of the same colour to bring your artwork to life.


To give you a little bit of inspiration check out this video where DanCake – a pancake artist company, show you how to make some of your favourite characters from Pixar movies. In the video you can see the artist and all his various coloured bottles of pancake mix ready to start designing on the griddle.

Using images on his phone and starting with everyone’s favourite characters from toy story the artist gets to work and very quickly you can see Buzz, Woody and their companions being cooked up. It’s amazing how lifelike they look considering they’re made out of Pancake!

The artist continues and creates all the key characters from A Bug’s Life, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Up,  and more, each one with their own distinct features and all of them looking incredibly similar to the original Pixar Characters. The only probably is they all look too good to eat!

Now if that’s not inspiration to up your pancake game and try a new design I don’t know what is! I’ll definitely be trying out a new creation on Pancake day, although I doubt I’ll get anywhere near the incredible artistry of these guys!


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