This Police Puppy in Training is Going Places With His Exceptional Sniffing Skills!


Training a puppy can be hard work, making sure that they’re toilet trained, don’t pull on their lead and give their paw for a treat is tough enough, but imagine you also had to train your dog to find heroin and not be distracted by hot dogs?!

Impossible you might say, but that’s exactly what the police have to do every day to ensure that there is a new bunch of canine recruits for the police force.

These puppies are special and go through intense training to become part of police forces around the world and support the police in detecting illegal drugs and weapons, finding missing people and so much more. They truly are doggy heroes in the making!


A puppy’s training doesn’t start out in the field though, it starts long before then back when the puppy is around 8 weeks old and the training lasts for around 18 months! This usually takes place in a training facility that can be set up with different tests for the puppy to complete such as knowing which pipe is filled with drugs and letting its handler know.


Most of this training is done behind closed doors and therefore you never get to see how it’s done, how quickly the puppy learns or how they set up tests for the dog. Now I don’t know about you, but I’d love to get some insight into exactly how they do it, how do you get a dog to know what drugs smell like?

In this adorable video we get to see a sniffer puppy in action being tested in his ability to find the drugs that have been planted. The trainer has set up 3 pipes – one is filled with hot dogs, another with heroin and a final pipe that is empty.

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