This Police Officers Quick Thinking Saved a Restaurant From Going Up in Flames


When you’re heading out to the drive-thru to grab a bit of dinner on the go the last thing you expect to happen is for your car to burst into flames and potentially endanger a whole restaurant of people. That’s exactly what happened at one Texas Jack in the Box recently causing alarm to the diners inside.

A Ford pickup truck in the drive-thru line appeared to have engine trouble as it burst into flames. As the driver noticed what was happening he managed to get himself, his wife and daughter out of the car and inside the restaurant to safety. Luckily they managed to get out before the fire really took hold of the truck.

Now the engine was really starting to create a blaze and looked like it could possibly spread to the restaurant building next to it.


By this point the emergency services has been called and Chris Womack a first-year Police Officer from Glenn Heights Police Department, Texas, was sent to the scene to find out what was going on.

On his arrival his dash cam starts to capture the situation unfolding and as he drives past it is possible to see the truck on fire close to the restaurant building. As Womack Turns his police car around it is unclear exactly what he is about to do, but his quick thinking likely stopped the restaurant going up in flames.


He drives his patrol car right up to the back of the truck and slowly starts to nudge it forward so that the car is now further away from the building, allowing the blaze to be contained until the fire services got there.

Given that he didn’t have any fire equipment available his ability to quickly come up with a solution to make the area safer is incredible!

The Glenn Heights Police Department commended Officer Womack on their Facebook page saying “I would like to commend Officer Chris Womack. Due to his courage and quick thinking he was able to prevent a burning vehicle from causing major damage to the Jack in the Box and protecting the employees.”

Amazingly no one was hurt in the incident and a huge part of that is down to Office Womack and his quick thinking! The dash cam footage allows you to see up close what the officer did, and just how close to the building the car was before he bravely moved it. You can even hear his obvious relief when the situation is contained. Well done Officer Womack!


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