This Steak Tasting Road Trip Is So Worth It, You Might Want To Eat Something Before You Watch It


Buzz feeds hilarious video about steak tasting worthiness shows these three guys, Andrew and Steve working out the best price point.

They decide to go on a lunch time road trip to test the best value for money steak. They test 3 and their results will surprise you.

They take Adam the camera guy with them, and he doesn’t speak much. Throughout the taste testing journey Adam gets to eat the scraps after Andrew and Steve have finished.


Number one is a visit to the Uncle John’s Cafe, where they try the $11 New York steak and eggs plus lots more stuff – medium rare. Steve talks fondly about his childhood because he reminisces about breakfast being steak and Asian food. He even rings his mum and says “mom I just had steak, fried rice and eggs”, she too is really excited

Restaurant number two is much more up market and the price reflects this. This is called Nick and Stef’s Steak house and they show them the curing of the dried Rib eye that takes 28 days in the dryer and is well seasoned. Or as the chef calls it “Spoiling on a controlled level”

When they eat it the go all dreamy and call it magnificent and great presentation. This is a $72 steak.

Again Adam gets to eat the leftovers and its back in the car for more jokes and “Cow Facts”.

They cruise over to Beverley Hills to sample not one but two beef dishes at the exclusive Cut.

The first one is Dry Aged beef and the second is Japanese beef. The one from Japan has a certificate because it is extremely exclusive and the most expensive. Here the beef is given in house seasoning, the chef doesn’t say what is in the seasoning. Then the beef is grilled over white Oak, and finally has garlic butter.

The chaps say the funniest things as they eat their delicious steaks like

“My nose is having almost as much funs as my mouth…”


“That was the most fun I have ever had cutting something…”

Their faces show that they are obviously having a pleasurable time.

Adam gets to have the left overs, poor Adam

Voting takes place in the car – guess which steak one? Watch the video to see…


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