These Kids Became The Stars of Their Dads TV Appearance With Their Unpredictable Entrance!


Children can be unpredictable at the best of times, and usually when you tell them not to do something, that’s exactly the time they’ll choose to do it!

One dad learned that the hard way this week when his children decided to quite spectacularly interrupt his live TV interview on the BBC.

Robert Kelly, an associate professor of political science at Pusan National University in Busan, specialises on policy in Korea and was being interviewed live on a BBC debate on South Korea when his children decided that they wanted to hang out with their dad.


The door opens and his eldest child bursts in the room in a yellow jumper with a confident little dance and makes her way up to her father to join in the interview.

The dad moves her back out of the way, but as he’s doing this his son has also managed to navigate into the room in his stroller seemingly out of nowhere to join the family gathering on live TV!

It’s not long before a very stressed out mother appears to try and wrestle the children out of the room, much to their disappointment, and she quickly gets the situation under control, even managing to shut the door behind them. At this point it looks like the situation is over, but unfortunately for Kelly you can still hear his children crying outside the door!

Being interviewed on live TV is undoubtedly hard enough without all of that going on, but Robert Kelly actually managed to keep his cool surprisingly well, apologising for the interruption and continuing to answer the interview questions given to him.


Given that this happened on live TV it’s not surprising that the video footage has been doing the rounds on social media and people’s reactions have been great as usual, with the first child’s entrance being hailed as the best swagger into a room in ages, and countless memes, gifs and videos have already been created.

Some people have also questioned whether the dad acted appropriately, or if he should have done more than try to push the child out of the way, but when something that unexpected happens and you’re on live TV it’s hard to say how any one of us would have reacted. The fact he kept his cool is actually quite incredible!

I honestly can’t decide which part is my favourite, the first child’s confident swagger into the room, the second child who seemingly just breezed in out of nowhere or their poor mother who desperately tries to pull them out and subtly shut the door by crawling up to it on her hands and knees.

One thing is for sure though, watching this video will brighten up your day, and I’m sure in future interviews Robert Kelly will have child proofed that door or have wedged it shut with a heavy bookcase!


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